A Day On LiveWires

A graphic showing the breakdown of the day in 15 minute chunks

The day starts with wake up - don’t worry, we’ll make sure you don’t oversleep and miss the day! - followed by heading down to the dining room for breakfast.

We eat our meals all together - fantastic food provided by the LiveWires kitchen team in the school’s well-equipped kitchen! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and provided every day, along with drinks mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bed.

After breakfast, later on in the morning and the first half of the afternoon, is taken up with technical activities. These mostly happen in the school’s classroom areas, but magically transformed with a huge amount of equipment the LiveWires team bring and set up before the holiday starts. Most people will do two or three activities over the course of the holiday.

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Each morning we all meet together for The Link - a time of learning about God and praising him. Don’t worry, you’re not going spend much of this time sitting still: every morning there will be a mixture of things, including singing, games, videos, and all kinds of interactive and creative ways to pray.

At 4, after afternoon drinks, we spread out around the site for The Zone. This is an opportunity to relax, play video games, swim, do some craft, enjoy the summer weather on the field or the tennis courts, compete on table tennis, or just hang out on the sofas with friends. Each day there will be a range of different things you can dip in and out of.

After dinner it’s on to Live Lounge where we stop briefly to do something different like a silly game, book review or interview, before we move back to The Link where we spread out around the site to talk in smaller groups. We’ll have a chance to think about God, home, school, family, and all the things that join them up, followed by some worship and time to respond.

Move from there to drinks, then head up to dormitories for epilogue, to chat about your day, play crazy games, ask questions or pray together.

Then eventually it’s time for lights out - ready to sleep so we can do it all again tomorrow…

A few of our days during the week have a different format, with one completely different day out and some exciting changes on the last night, but you’ll have to come on the holiday to find out what those will be this year!

Note: This timetable is from 2023, when the camp didn’t cater for 16 and 17 year olds. If you’re 17, don’t worry, we won’t be sending you to bed at 10!