LiveWires Online

Technical activity week for 12–15s

2nd–6th August 2021 • Online

Bookings now closed

Start your summer learning more about Jesus and technology.

Choose coding, 3D graphics, music or video

Build a technical project from scratch, with the tools used by professionals.

If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry: we’ll teach you everything you need to know. And you’ll keep what you’ve made to show off.

Online for 2021

Normally we spend a week together in person, but 2021 will see the second edition of LiveWires Online!

Everything will be online: we'll chat and video call, play games, and help each other out. We’ll try and make time to go outside, too!

Is there more to life than tech?

Dig into the Bible through short talks, chatting with new friends, and praying together. Ask questions about the Christian faith, and discover what really matters.

Try something new

We’ll teach you everything you need, and you’ll come away with something cool to show off!

You'll get to choose from a combination of:

3D Modelling

Sculpt and animate a virtual model from your imagination using Blender.


Write your own mobile game or app using Javascript. Or learn HTML or CSS to build a website.

Video Production

Edit a short film or trailer, from storyboarding through to post-production.

Recording Studio

Record, edit, and master a podcast or song with professional software.

What do people say?

The tech was really fun, but the spiritual stuff was inspiring.
It’s been an amazing week and I’ve grown loads.
The worst part was leaving, because LiveWires is the best.
I’m going to miss all the leaders and young people sooo much.
A big thank you to all the leaders for making LiveWires such a wonderful holiday.
Can I come back as a leader?

Meet the team

LiveWires is run by a team of about 30 volunteers, including the overall leaders Joel & Roger.


Roger is an electronic engineer specialising in aircraft ejector seats. During LiveWires, you’re likely to find him peering at circuit boards and diagrams.

He lives in Uxbridge with his wife Nicola and daughter Rachel. In his spare time he’s a keen photographer!


Joel is an amateur musician, supported by a full time job as an Electronic Design Engineer. During LiveWires you’ll probably find him playing an instrument or updating the timetable.

He lives in York with his wife Eliza and their 7 stringed instruments, three drum kits and an old casiotone keyboard called Gerald.

How to book

Bookings for LiveWires 2021 are now closed, sorry

LiveWires bookings are managed by Scripture Union. SU have been running summer holidays for over a hundred years.

Bookings closed!

Still have questions? Get in touch! Email Joel & Roger at, or give them a call on 020 3397 1111.